GRC Services

Governance, Risk and Compliance Services

360Security team of Compliance Experts have spent most of their careers in understanding the complex regulatory and compliance landscapes and developing strong Security Framework(s) to adhere to regulatory mandates while honoring the client's business needs to ensure that compliance is addressed and security is not a hindrance to business. 360Security strongly believes that security should work for the business, and not against it. 360Security will partner with you to develop creative and compliant strategies to relieve the burden of security while gaining a competitive edge in secure operations.


360Security specializes in the following Governance, Risk and Compliance services:

Discovery and Scope Assessment

  • This offering is a great place to start to understand your scope for the compliance regulation.

  • 360Security makes recommendations on opportunities to reduce scope.

  • The product of this service is a prioritized compliance roadmap to help you achieve your compliance goals.

Policies and Procedures

  • Every compliance standard mandates enterprise Information Security policies and procedures.

  • 360Security will review your existing policies to ensure your compliance mandates are addressed and/or work with you to customized policies for your organization.

Security Awareness Training and Methodologies

  • People are the weakest link when it comes to securing your organization.

  • Every compliance standard mandates some degree of security awareness training.

  • 360Security will strategize with you to meet your security training needs in accordance with your business operations.

  • 360Security also offers a full suite of security awareness training if you wish to fully outsource.

Identity and Access Management

  • Who is accessing what and is it based on their role within the organization and in accordance with least-privilege?

  • 360Security will assess and provide recommendations to meet your identity and access management mandates.

  • 360Security has partnerships with top-tier SSO vendors should you decide to integrate SSO to help support access management needs.

Data Discovery and Protection

  • How does your data enter, traverse and reside within your organization? How is the data classified? Who has access to the various data classifications?

  • 360Security will help you understand your data workflow options for protecting your data from both the outside and the inside.

Data Lifecycle Management

  • Data destruction, retention and archiving protocols- how are they addressed?

  • 360Security has partnerships with top-tier encryption vendors to help address you data management needs.

Risk Assessment

  • Each regulatory standard has risk assessment requirements.

  • 360Security will perform an assessment so you can better understand your organizational risk.

Risk Management Program

  • How do you manage your risk? What is your mitigation plan?

  • 360Security will partner with you to strategize an effective risk management program for your individual and unique business.

Incident Response and Management Program

  • What is your incident response protocol? Have you performed an exercise to test this lately? Is the plan effectively communicated and documented, with clearly defined responsibilities?

  • 360Security will partner with you to ensure that you are effective at responding to risks, suggesting technology partnerships where appropriate, to ensure the time between detection and resolution is appropriate for your business needs.

Vulnerability Management Program

  • Vulnerability Management is widely described as the practice of identifying, classifying, remediating and mitigating vulnerabilities. It is also described as the discovery, reporting, prioritization, and response to vulnerabilities in your network.

  • 360Security will work with you to create an effective vulnerability management program to help you stay out of harms.

Secure Business Operations Assessment

  • This unique offering works synergizes your business operations and security needs with compliance mandates.

  • 360Security will work with you to ensure that you are effectively and efficiently operating within security demands; best serving your end-user.

Mobile Device Management

  • Data loss is a significant topic of security, and each regulatory standard has some interest in preventing data loss. Mobile devices are a major way that data can, and most likely will, leave your environment.

  • 360Security partners with top-tier vendors to mitigate the risk of company data falling outside of your purview, even when it’s on your mobile device